Speed. Reliability. Security.

Old Way. Expensive and Inefficient.

Since the computer entered the workplace, companies have struggled with the cost and complexity of business technology. From the high capital expense of purchasing equipment and seemingly endless upgrades, to the headaches of downtime and lost productivity it can be difficult for business to be excited about IT spending

Over Buying

Endless Upgrades

Constant Downtimes

Productivity Loss

Additional IT Support Expenses

Businesses with dedicated IT departments waste millions of dollars attempting to maintain aging or obsolete infrastructure. IT staff members spend countless hours learning to be generalists to complete projects that a specialist could finish in a matter of hours. 

Businesses without a dedicated IT department or full-time IT employees typically hire multiple third-party contractors to address different layers of the technology infrastructure with high hourly rates.

Some companies continue to DIY their IT, which delivers poor results. What seems like a cost-cutting measure puts the organization at risk, and revenue is lost when tech-savvy staff members become Involuntary IT.

Outdated Complex Infrastructure Third Party Contractors

Third Party Contractors

Poor Performance

Involuntary IT Expenses

New Way. eWorx. Change the way you do IT.

eWorX simplifies IT by delivering infrastructure and management as a service. Our hybrid cloud system ePod leverages a sophisticated on-site technology platform, and the eWorX data center, bridging the gap between your business and the cloud.

Built-in Monitoring and Maintenance

Cloud Integration

Automated Backups and Disaster Recovery

End-Point Management

24/7 Support

One Monthly Fee

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