Change the way you do IT

eWorX simplifies IT by delivering infrastructure and management as a service. Our hybrid cloud system uses ePod, our sophisticated on-site technology platform, to leverage the power of the eWorX data center, bridging the gap between your business and the cloud.

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    eWorX simplifies IT by delivering infrastructure and management as a service

    eWorX is a complete business technology solution. eWorX provides customers with a single unified platform of specialized on-site hardware, delivered through our Technology as a Service (TaaS) program.

    Reduce Costs With Hybrid Infrastructure

    eWorX provides a single unified platform of on-site hardware and software that connects with our suite of cloud services. This combination ensures that your business has the most efficient and cost effective IT infrastructure imaginable.

    • Converts IT costs from CapEx to OpEx
    • One monthly subscription fee.
    • Unparalleled scalability and agility: simply add or remove applications and services whenever needed.
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    Save Time With 24/7 Remote Management

    eWorX allows you the freedom to focus on what you do best: manage your business. Our technicians watch over your network night and day to ensure total reliability and eliminate threats.

    • Next generation firewall services with virus and malware protection keeps your information safe and private.
    • Application upgrades and patches seamlessly integrated.
    • Proactive network management provides high availably and virtually eliminates system outages.
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    Never Fail With Automatic Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery

    eWorX data replication eliminates the need for tape and backup drives by using snapshots stored locally and in the eWorX cloud.

    • Effective and reliable backup operations are conducted on time, every time.
    • Combined local and off-site data retention guarantees your data is available when you need it.
    • Geographically strategic datacenters protect data from regional disasters.
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    eWorX is Visionary

    An emergent technology platform conceived from decades of research and development in the MSP sector. A unique blend of hardware, software, automation and management, eWorX is Information Technology as a Service or ITaaS.

    Real-time Statistics

    The eWorX dashboard gives you real-time statistics and vital information with all the tools you need to manage resources and implement policy from anywhere, anytime.

    Seamless Connectivity

    Seamless connectivity provides access to your mission critical data and applications from any device.

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    The eWorX system will run virtually any business application with speed, security and reliability, eliminating the complexities of compatibility and licensing.